Our trip to Yellowstone in the summer of 2017 was always going to be a one-off. Our main purpose was to coincide our visit with one of nature’s most spectacular events - a total solar eclipse. Our hopes for clear skies were answered and we had 10 lucky and very happy customers who either photographed the event or etched it into their memories as they stood and witnessed it first hand. We did all of this in the breathtaking surroundings of the Grand Teton mountains, where we spent a couple of the following days shooting landscapes and wildlife in the area.

We then headed 80 miles north into the world’s oldest national park - Yellowstone, where we spent the remaining days capturing erupting geysers against thunder clouds, colourful thermal springs glistening in the sunlight, mini volcanoes under the Milky Way, and of course the local wildlife which calls this place home.

We currently have no plans to return to Yellowstone, but we will be organising similar trips in other areas of the world which coincide with total solar eclipses, so check out our “upcoming trips” page for details.

We limited this trip to 10 customers, 9 of whom were returning customers from previous trips. Here’s what the Yellowstone 10 had to say…

Yellowstone photography

"Awesome is a word that is overused these days, but no other word can sum up the trip to the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National Parks" - Lynn

Eclipse photography diamond ring

"What stood out for me was the preparation on camera adjustments during the eclipse. I think without that, I would have missed or not captured everything I wanted - every shot came out pretty much as good as possible and much better than I expected."- Anthony.

Solar eclipse viewing

"This is right up there among the best holidays I have ever had" - Helen (pictured above).

Eclipse photography prominences

 Huge prominences many times the size of the Earth can be seen erupting from the surface of the Sun.

Eclipse Photography Workshop

The "Yellowstone 10" along with guides James and Marcus all set up to capture the amazing spectacle of the total solar eclipse.

Grand Tetons barn

"I managed to get very good pictures thanks to your local knowledge which lead us to be at the right place and the right time" - Joan

Oxbow Bend Grand Tetons

 Oxbow Bend on the Snake River is a well known spot for photographers. The appearance of a canoe provided a welcome focal point.

Grand Tetons photography

 This was one of the locations we scouted out for a dawn shoot when we visited 2 years earlier in preparation for this trip.

Lower Yellowstone Falls

 Lower Yellowstone Falls is the most dramatic and spectacular waterfall in the park.

Milky Way Geyser

 We ventured out in the middle of the night to capture an erupting geyser with the Milky Way overhead.

Moose Grand Tetons

 We took the opportunity to shoot wildlife which we passed, including this moose which was feeding in a beaver pool.

Old Faithful yellowstone photography

 One of our group capturing an erupting geyser at dawn

Photo holiday yellowstone

"We packed so much into the 10 days - landscapes, wildlife, the night sky, total solar eclipse, fun and laughter - an experience not to be forgotten" - Lynn (pictured above on the right)

White Dome lightning

 A pssing storm provided the perfect backdrop for this shot of White Dome Geyser.

Yellowstone mammoth hotsprings

 Some of our group photographing Mammoth Hotsprings. We timed our arrival here to coincide with the best light for everyone to pick out the backlit steam against a shaded backdrop.

Yellowstone photography workshop

"We were treated to jaw-dropping landscapes and amazing experiences - the total solar eclipse, geysers venting to the Milky Way, a thunderstorm and an incredible sky over one of the most colourful landscapes I have seen. Add to this the variety of wildlife we encountered along the way (who would have thought the sight of herds of bison would elicit such excitement!), together with the general bonhomie and laughter that accompany all Worldwide Explorers's trips, meant that I came home having had yet another incredible experience with them." - Lynn

  • "I think Marcus & Harry make a great team and I would happily recommend you to my friends. You'll be seeing me on future trips."
    Phil (Dolomites 2016)
  • "An amazing experience and one which I would love to do again."
    Ali (Dolomites 2016)
  • The first time I booked with you guys I had the most amazing time. The second time I had reservations that the trip wouldn’t be able to compete with my first, but this proved not to be the case. I’m now looking forward to my third trip!
    Dan (St. Kilda 2015)
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