James McCormick

Building his roots in photography working as a Reuter’s photographer in Africa, he covered almost the entire continent before moving back to the UK to work as the photographer for Capital Radio in London. He spent most of the 1990’s photographing the elite of the music industry, such as Prince, Bon Jovi, and Madonna, travelling all over the world in the process. "I love the challenge of photographing people. Some may have huge egos, some may not speak my language, and some may not want their photo taken at all. Mind-managing these people and overcoming problems is all part of what I love doing in order to get the image I am after."

Marcus McAdam

An award winning photographer whose foundations were built as a travel photographer. Marcus has previously lived in San Francisco, Venice, and Beijing, but has worked extensively in places like Rwanda, India, and the more remote areas of China. Marcus has visited over fifty countries during his travels - circumnavigating the world several times over. "During my many years of making a living from travel photography, I discovered many amazing places around the world. At the time I had no idea I would ever return, so it’s great to have the opportunity to be able to bring other photographers back to these places and allow more people to experience them."


The youngster in the team, but his experience far outweighs his years. He has a degree in zoology which means he’s annoyingly good at spotting wildlife and then telling you what it is. Harry has been a wilderness guide in the Rocky Mountains of Canada, as well as the Highlands of Scotland, and is well travelled in South America too. "I live for the outdoors and everything in it, not only the wildlife but that feeling of the wilderness and the natural elements on my face. Photography and travel seem to compliment each other in so many ways, and I feel really fortunate that I can do both in an environment where I am learning all the time, and then being able to pass on my knowledge to others."

Adam mug

Adam’s foundation in photography stems from his career in film making, in which he incorporates time-lapse and other stills images with flowing video footage. He loves a challenge, so it’s not surprising that he’s also keen on astro photography and enjoys shooting difficult to get to locations. Adam has previously been involved with our St. Kilda and Utah trips - both places which he is incredibly passionate about. “The thing that drives me most is the exploration of creativity in its many different forms. Having stood in some of the most iconic and remote scenery in the world, I have witnessed and captured nature in all its glory and wonder. I'm excited to now further explore these locations and help people to find original, creative and unique perspectives in these special places.”

Elaine web

Elaine has been our chef-in-residence on all our trips we've run to St. Kilda, and is arguably the most important member of the team. Her ability to whip up sweet and savoury delights alike with minimal ingredients is legendary, and her whisky porridge never fails to kickstart the days. Her food is always the talking point on the boat home, and for many months afterwards (for good reasons rather than bad!). She has worked in hospitality for most of her life, and currently runs a guesthouse on an idyllic beach in Thailand.


Rainne Mug2

Rainne Zhang is our Chinese team member who is present on all of our China trips. She enjoys organising the logistics of our day to day plans, and is fluent in English language and humour. She lives in Suzhou, near Shanghai but has previously lived and worked in Beijing. Rainne also likes to be in front of the camera, so doubles up as a model when we need one.

  • As a lone travelling female I often feel a little insecure when I’m not in control, but you guys made me feel so safe and relaxed that I was able to forget about everything else other than enjoying myself.
    Andrea (St. Kilda 2015)
  • "I think Marcus & Harry make a great team and I would happily recommend you to my friends. You'll be seeing me on future trips."
    Phil (Dolomites 2016)
  • "You ran a great tour, and I really wouldn't have change anything if I could do it again. The places you got us into, at the right times were all excellent."
    Phil (Dolomites 2016)
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