Utah Photo Holiday

Meet our Utah canyoneers of 2017 (from left to right) - Laura, Joan, Marcus, and Vikki.

 Kanarra Creek photography

"The slot canyons of Utah have been at the top of my photography bucket list for many years. Choosing to go there with Worldwide Explorers was the best idea I've had in a lifetime of photography." - Vikki

 Zion Canyon Photo Workshop

We spent the first few nights based near Zion Canyon, and this is one of the most strenuous viewpoints to get to. Luckily we know a secret way which is really quite easy. It didn't stop Laura getting lost for 30 minutes though!

 Horseshoe bend photography

"The whole experience was fabulous... although I hadn't met any of the guys before, it was like going on holiday with great friends, with Marcus also happening to be an expert in the field." - Vikki

 Temple of the sun photography

Although this is a canyon trip, we gave the group a taste of a couple of monuments in the hope that they may come on our Monuments and Arches trip in 2018!

 Bryce Canyon photography

We ended the trip at Bryce Canyon. When you've already seen the best that Utah has to offer it would be easy for the final location to be an anticlimax, but not so with Bryce.

"The trip was an amazing experience. Marcus has very deep knowledge of the area, which ensured that we were at the right place at the right time. But the best part was to spend some time with like minded photographers were we all learned from each other and got some great pictures." - Joan.
"Canyons of Utah was my first trip with Worldwide Explorers but it won't be my last" - Vikki

See many more photos from our 2017 Utah trip below.

You can't get lost here - it's either forwards or backwards
Making the most of the jet lag with a dawn shoot of the Las Vegas Strip
Vikki getting into the rhythm on day 1.
Our first location on the trip
We go to the lesser known canyons where we pretty much have the place to ourselves
Log left from past flash flood - perfectly positioned for photography!
The Virgin River, Zion
Classic Zion at dusk
These canyons are a photographer's playground
One of the many slot canyons we visit
The view of Zion Canyon from Observation Point
Wall Street in Bryce Canyon
Dawn in Capitol Reef
Laura and Vikki at work in Zion
You need a seriously wide angle lens to capture this scene
Horseshoe Bend is a classic location which can't be missed
Dried and cracked mud after the last flash flood
Thor's Hammer in Bryce Canyon
The Milky Way's core above the landscape of Cathedral Valley
The first light in Cathedral Valley
Joan seeing the compositional potential in the winding road
Amazing light reflecting between the rocks
Endless options for compositions
One of the wet canyons we visit.
A taste of a Utah arch - something we will focus on in 2018
A bizarre combination of textures and subjects
It's difficult to capture the true scale of this landscape
Capitol Reef National Park
Last light in Red Canyon
Synchronised photography
Vikki getting creative with sun flare in Bryce Canyon
Sometimes looking directly up gives the best composition
Old abandoned wild west wagon in Capitol Reef
Classic Bryce Canyon scenery
You can't beat the way the light reflects off the walls of these canyons
Laura checking out the view for a later visit when the light is more favourable

  • "It was hard work but that certainly led to a lot of new sights and experiences that I cannot imagine we would have got any other way"
    Andy (China 2015)
  • "I have so many amazing memories of the places we visited and the local people we met along the way - interactions that wouldn't have happened on a normal tour."
    Lynn (China 2015)
  • "Staying in small villages and eating local home cooked food also added to the memories I now have of the real China."
    Gordon (China 2015)
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