St Kilda photo workshop group

"From start to finish the organisation and the approach towards the group was superb. You appear to take great care in ensuring that those who you rely on to provide a service alongside you also take the customer's needs/comfort as paramount. The professionalism of Derek, Niki and Harry could not be faulted. They really did enhance the whole trip and quite clearly enjoyed being part of it.

"The quality of the tuition was absolutely perfect. You pitched the course in a manner that catered for everyone's needs. The dynamic between the two of you immediately set a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere which developed on many occasions into amusing and, at times hilarious, banter. This became infectious throughout the group.

"Prior to the course I'd had some concerns that my rudimentary photographic knowledge and experience may put me at a disadvantage and that perhaps I would feel awkward when asking simple or perhaps mundane questions. There was in reality never an issue with this, and I felt that any questions were answered with respect and in a manner that was easy to understand.

"I came away from St. Kilda having experienced some of the very best days of my life. For that I will always be very grateful to you for providing a truly unique opportunity for photographic enthusiasts. Your enthusiasm and professionalism was obvious and the support you so readily gave has certainly provided me with a renewed passion for photography."
Chris - St. Kilda 2015

The Kilda Tunnel
Sunrise over Boreray
Outbound to St. Kilda.
The first morning gave good light
Looking down into Village Bay
The Tunnel from the boat
Boat tour of the islands
Heading to the sea stacks
Shooting the gannets
Gannets overhead the boat
Sea stack and Gannets
A great way to spend the evening.
Climbing up the UK's tallest sea cliff
Adam and Chris shooting the sunset
Atop Conachair - the UK's tallest sea cliff
Heading home after a good day's work
The village ruins
Chris finding the best viewpoint of the village
Our accommodation
Balancing the ambient and artificial light
The bay at twilight
Morning photo session on the beach
An iconic view of St. Kilda
Resting before descending into Glen Bay
The mouth of the Tunnel
The last sunset for trip 1.
Monika shooting the birdlife
Getting down low for the best viewpoint
Typical St. Kildan light
A moodier first dawn for trip 2
Monika at The Gap
Photographing a rare bird not seen on St Kilda in 19 years
Incoming attack from a Great Skua
Laura keeping spirits high
Braving Lover's Stone
Gannets like insects in the sky
Bon Voyage St. Kilda for another year

  • The organisation of the trip was simply perfect. We were so well looked after, and everything was well planned and worked out perfectly,
    Charlotte (St. Kilda 2015)
  • It was everything I had hoped it would be and a lot lot more.
    Katharine (St. KIlda 2015)
  • "It was hard work but that certainly led to a lot of new sights and experiences that I cannot imagine we would have got any other way"
    Andy (China 2015)
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