Dolomites photo workshop

Meet the class of 2016.

Our trips to the Italian Dolomites are unique in that we stay in remote mountain refuges to ensure we are in ideal locations at either end of the day. This also adds a sense of adventure to the trip, as well as a huge dose of drama to the photos our customers get.


Dolomites photo workshop 04

Above is one of the mountain refuges we stay at.

Dolomites photo workshop 11

Ali, framing up a reflection shot. This was Ali's second trip with us, and he's coming back for more!

Dolomites photo workshop 35

"You ran a great tour, and I really wouldn't have change anything if I could do it again. The places you got us into, at the right times were all excellent." - Phil.

Dolomites photo workshop 26

"You have a great way of blending fun with learning. Don’t change your style!"- Leanne

Dolomites photo workshop 02

"What a great trip! Thank you and Harry for all your expert guidance in the Dolomites." - Judy

These unique mountains are a UNESCO World Heritage site for good reason.
Great views along the way to each refuge.
The Dolomites seem to attract epic light.
The refuges are ideally located for amazing photography.
The views can seem out of this world.
We're always on hand to help improve your images.
Framing up the perfect shot.
Praying for the light.
The view from our first mountain refuge, not bad!
He carried the phone all the way up the mountain, so he might as well use it.
First light kisses the peaks, reflected perfectly in this lake.
Exploring composition and locations for the sunset.
Framing up a classic shot of these 3 peaks.
Perfect place, perfect time.
The Dolomites are littered with picturesque churches like this one.
Dawn on the second morning wasn't too bad either.
These mountains can appear to stretch forever sometimes.
Learn how position the sun and use the light.
The views just keep getting better.
Hiking to our second refuge through some incredible scenery.
Not a bad view to wake up.
All set up waiting for the light.
How to create a starburst effect without photoshop.
How to create a starburst effect without photoshop.
Deciding what aperture to use.
The pre-dawn glow in the Dolomites is incredible.
Learning how and when to use filters.
Learning how and when to use filters.
The final hike of the trip.
The toughest route of all but everyone made it.
Overnight snow gave us a blank canvas for the morning.
Only the brave ventured out.
A typical summer day in the mountains!
Lightroom sessions are a good way to fill the evenings.
Watch the mountains turn red at dawn and dusk.

  • "It was hard work but that certainly led to a lot of new sights and experiences that I cannot imagine we would have got any other way"
    Andy (China 2015)
  • As a lone travelling female I often feel a little insecure when I’m not in control, but you guys made me feel so safe and relaxed that I was able to forget about everything else other than enjoying myself.
    Andrea (St. Kilda 2015)
  • "I have so many amazing memories of the places we visited and the local people we met along the way - interactions that wouldn't have happened on a normal tour."
    Lynn (China 2015)
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