China great wall photo workshop

“I came home from the trip having had an experience that will stay with me forever. As a bonus my photography skills have improved and confidence to approach people has increased. We were promised a real Chinese experience by going off the beaten tourist route and that is exactly what we got. I have so many amazing memories of the places we visited and the local people we met along the way - interactions that wouldn't have happened on a normal tour."
Lynn, China 2015

"We were well looked after throughout the entire trip, with as many eventualities as possible being catered for. I experienced a lot of things which wouldn't have been possible on another trip, such as interaction with local people, and authentic experiences such as our overnight train journey. Staying in small villages and eating local home cooked food also added to the memories I now have of the real China. The photography skills I learnt at the start of the trip became invaluable towards to end once I found myself doing them fluently."
Gordon, China 2015

"The whole trip was amazing. Everything was well catered for and I always felt safe. I loved the contrast between the luxury hotel in Beijing and the rustic farmhouse we stayed at the Great Wall. I loved the overnight train journey too. It was great to have quality time in each location and not have to hurry around. I’m not the most technically minded when it comes to camera settings but I loved taking photos in China and I am totally pleased with all the images I took and I’m still having fun processing them all. I learnt a great deal during my time in China and I am now well and truly getting the travel bug.”
Adele, China 2015

Tiananmen Square
Lynn finding details to photograph
Janette feeling Chinese
Portrait of stranger by James
Shooting the twilight in Tiananmen Square
Tiananmen Square
Gordon framing up a shot of the Summer Palace
The Forbidden City
Abstract composition at the Summer Palace
Adele in the Forbidden City
A lesson on composition
Our group on top of a Great Wall watchtower
Sunrise from atop the Great Wall
Andy working the Wall
The sweaty backs show the determination needed to get here!
Flying the national flag on the national monument
The reward of the long climb are the uniterrupted views
Janette on the Wall
Lined up and ready to shoot.
Our second morning at the Great Wall
It's tough having the Great Wall all to yourself
Sunrise at the Wall
Taking shots of the locals
Portrait of the locals
Using the morning mist to good effect
Farmer burning corn stems
Travelling on an overnight train
Train atmosphere
Our overnight train
Life on the overnight train
Capturing the atmosphere on the train
Welcome to Zhangjiajie
China's oldest National Park
With so many views it's hard to know where to look
One of many amazing viewpoints
Working out the best composition
Limestone towers stand 300m tall
In the valley at Zhangjiajie
Playing in the park
The Union Jack is fashionable in Beijing
Worshippers at the Lama Temple, Beijing
Monks at the Lama Temple, Beijing
Street portraits
Rural life
Rural farmer
Capturing rural village life
Woman drying soya beans in her garden
Portrait of women who invited us into her house
Rural daily Chinese life.

  • The quality of the tuition was absolutely perfect. James alongside yourself pitched the course in a manner that catered for everyone's needs. The dynamic between the two of you immediately set a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere which developed on many occasions into amusing and, at times hilarious, banter.
    Adam (St. Kilda 2015)
  • "It was hard work but that certainly led to a lot of new sights and experiences that I cannot imagine we would have got any other way"
    Andy (China 2015)
  • "This was definitely a top holiday"
    Andy and Janette (China 2015)
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