Our trips to China aim to get under its skin and give an authentic taste of its true colours. As a foreign visitor not knowing the language or being experienced in its culture, China can be a daunting and inaccessible place. We remove the barriers and get you mingling with the locals for the ultimate travel experience. This is our only trip where we use three guides, one of which is Rainne Zhang our Chinese translator, and another being our most experienced tour leader Marcus McAdam who previously lived and worked as a photographer in China for 5 years.

China Photography Group

We eat in local restaurants or with local families, travel on public trains, and visit remote villages to witness the real China. Yes we visit the Great Wall, but we stay on a remote and photogenic section which is closed to the public. This means we have the place to ourselves - perfect for people-free photos. Yes we visit the Forbidden City, but we stick to quieter areas and look for alternative compositions from the masses.

We usually start our trip in Beijing and finish in Hong Kong, but we occasionally vary the itinerary to include alternative locations for customers who want to return. Here’s a sample of the places we visit and what our China customers have had to say….

China 02

 “I came home from the trip having had an experience that will stay with me forever. We were promised a real Chinese experience by going off the beaten tourist route and that is exactly what we got. I have so many amazing memories of the places we visited and the local people we met along the way - interactions that wouldn't have happened on a normal tour.” - Lynn, 2015

China Sunrise

 “I never in my wildest dreams thought I would ever visit China and really thought I would be nervous on this trip but I totally enjoyed every second. The whole trip was amazing.  Everything was well catered for and it was great to experience the luxury of our hotel in Beijing to the not so luxurious farmhouse at the Great Wall. I loved the overnight train journey as well.  It was great to have “time” at all the places and not hurry around.” - Adele, 2015

China Sunrise Photography

 "The area of the Great Wall we visited far exceded my expectations. We had the whole place to ourselves which is just what you want when you are trying to photograph it" - Gordon, 2015

  MG 8767

We regularly stop to photograph the locals in the rural villages we visit.

Man on the Train

 We travel as the locals do - by train, in order to get the full Chinese experience.

China Landscape

'I loved the contrast between the luxury hotel in Beijing and the rustic farmhouse we stayed at the Great Wall. I loved the overnight train journey too. It was great to have quality time in each location and not have to hurry around' - Adele, 2015

Monkey in China

 The only thing to expect in China is the unexpected, such as this guy who appeared from the bushes to pose for us.

 IMG 3921

"Zhangjiajie is absolutely amazing. It just has that wow factor that is difficult to describe" - Lynn, 2015

China Photo Workshop 21

We always start our trip in the capital city of Beijing where we visit the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square.

China Photo Workshop 95

 "Not having been to China before, it was an amazing experience - a complete assualt on the senses" - Julia, 2016

China Photo Workshop 89

Class of 2016.

Chinese Lady

We often get invited into people's homes which gives a great insight into the culture and traditions of China.

China Photo Workshop 2

 “Getting off the usual tourist routes ensured a truly authentic experience.” - Sharron, 2016

China Photo Workshop 88

"The interaction with the local people is the one thing I shall remember most about this trip" - Elaine, 2016

Our Photography Trip to China

The class of 2015.

Click below to watch a short video of our 2015 trip...



  • "An amazing experience and one which I would love to do again."
    Ali (Dolomites 2016)
  • As a lone travelling female I often feel a little insecure when I’m not in control, but you guys made me feel so safe and relaxed that I was able to forget about everything else other than enjoying myself.
    Andrea (St. Kilda 2015)
  • "We've been talking about what we might have changed about the trip, but the answer is nothing."
    Andy and Janette (China 2015)
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